The first 27 years of my life I spent in Scharnhausen close to Stuttgart. This is the place, which I call my home, as most of my friends are still there and my whole family.

For several years I traveled to the University of Stuttgart every day.
After finishing my studies and working as a free lancer for some months, I moved to Düsseldorf, where I had an apartment with all my stuff. It was my basecamp for 5,5 years.

For 18 months I worked directly in Düsseldorf, just some meters away from my home. In October 2000, my company sent me to Denver (Colorado, United States), where I worked for half a year in our office in Golden and sometimes in Birmingham (Alabama).

From May 2001 till October 2002 I have work at a client in Stuttgart. I was living in a hotel most of my time in Stuttgart which was not that bad, as we were several colleagues staying there.
Stuttgart is near to my hometown, so it was a nice time, as all my old friends were there.

The year 2003 I worked in Düsseldorf so I could live in my apartment again.

Beginning of 2004 I was sent so Stuttgart again. I had the impression I would end up in Stuttgart and wanted to see a new place. So I left my company.

In August 2004 I moved my household to Eschborn near Frankfurt, where I first worked for an Indian company. Later I switched jobs and my new project is in Darmstadt, but I still live in Eschborn.

A central part of my life is travelling. I love to see new countries, to meet new cultures, and to make new friends. So far I have been to about 30 countries where most of them are in Europe or Asia. The map shows where I had been till 2007. I still need to update the new countries.

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