Mathematics always has impacted my life. In my first years at school I already decided to study maths. I fulfilled my dream with studing mathematics at the University of Stuttgart.

My major topics where numeric of partial differential equations (multigrid methods) especially frequency filtering decompositions in order to solve equations with huge spare matrices.
If you are interested in this topics, you can download the German version of my master thesis: Frequenzfilternde Zerlegungen zur numerischen Lösung der Stokes-Gleichungen (Frequency filtering decompositions of the Stokes-equations) [stokes.pdf].

Since I left university I did not investigate much into Maths. My hobby is doing puzzles, sudokus and all kind of games. But it is good to have the background of being mathematician, as I have learned to think and operate in a very structured and logic way, which is very helpful in my job. Although my assignments often do not look like maths I often could use all kind of mathematical areas in order to return the best results especially when designing new algorithms.

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