Oakmoss absolute / Eichenmoos

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Oak moss absolute is a fragrance derived from a tree lichen, Evernia prunastri (oak moss) and Pseudevernia furfuracea (tree moss). It contains atranorin, evernic acid and usnic acid, and fumarprotocetaric acid. "Consort contact dermatitis" has been reported in a woman due to exposure to her husband's after shave lotion which commonly contains oak moss ak moss absolute.

Beschreibung (ger)

Eichenmoos, welches von „Evernia Prunostri„ (Eichenmoos) und „Pseudevernia Furfuracia„ (Baummoos) extrahiert wird, wird in Parfüms verwendet als männlich herbe Duftkomponente.


Oakmoss absolute
Oakmoss concrete


After-shave lotions


Unusual Reactions



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