Why do I live?

Although I have found an answer to this question, it is always hard work to go the right way.

I live, because God wanted me to live. He loves me and he wants me to be a light in the world. He wants me to be salt in the soup and he wants me to be his child.

It's not easy just to be a child. Often my intelligence and my realistic mind makes it difficult for me to understand the way God is ruling my life. But I know, that I can trust him and whatever he decides for me, it is the best for me.

I know, it is easy to say something like this, if you are a person on the sunny side of life. Somebody, that has no real problems. I think that this is mercy. I am very satisfied with my life. I still have some dreams that will come true in the future and I can wait.

I think, it is important, not to live my life independently. I depend on god and before all important decisions I make, I pray to god and ask him for advice. This is my way to avoid problems. Some people say, you just have to ask "what would Jesus do in your situation". Of cause you can also decide to do the opposite, but you have to live with the consequences.

I think, nobody should decide for somebody elses life. Nobody should tell another person, what is right or wrong or what is gods will. God has the power to tell his children directly. If all christians would live there life truly than they would shine much more than via fighting for things. Christians should be recognised by their love.

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