For everybody who is interested, here are some facts from my life:

I was born August 5th 1971 in Ruit auf den Fildern near to Stuttgart in Germany. All my life I spent in Scharnhausen. From April 1999 till August 2004 I had an apartment in Düsseldorf.
Since then I am living in Eschborn near Frankfurt/Main. Between 1999 and 2004 I have worked and lived in Denver for half a year, and nearly two years with breaks in Stuttgart, some weeks in Essen and the rest of the time in Düsseldorf.

The best time of my life I spent in the Kindergarten with my kindergarten teacher »Tante Lotte«; this was a time, I will remember as one of the best times of my life forever. (I am still in contact with my kindergarten friend Pina)

1978 the wonderful time ended. I had to go to school. Very soon I decided that later I would study mathematics. (Now, I cannot say why; my studies were absolutely different to what I expected, but I would do it again.) The place I loved most in my childhood was the sandbox behind of our house where I spent a lot of time, when I was not roller skating or playing on the fields close to the house. (I still love to play with sand and to build sand castles ;-) ).
I had a pretty sportive childhood. In the very beginning, I played handball, then I did gymnastics for a short time followed by dancing in a folk dancing group at Schwäbischer Albverein in Scharnhausen. Later I did jazz-dancing then karate and body building.

1982 I started at high school (Otto Hahn Gymnasium) in Ostfildern/Nellingen where I passed my final exams in 1991, which gave me the permission to study at university. In those nine years at high school, I evolved a passion for reading all kind of books, for Paris and for collecting all kind of stuff.

On March 2nd 1986 I was baptized in the evangelischen Kirche in Scharnhausen (protestant church). Ever since, I did different kind of honorable jobs at church, like leading a Saturday meeting point for teens and leading a bible group.
As often as possible in my time frame, I attended a lot of extra courses in evening schools and learned tap dancing, belly dancing, Brazilian dance, flamenco and much more...
To be able to afford those courses, I started to work in factories in my vacations in the age of 15 . It was a good experience to learn how manufacturing and logistics work.

In the autumn 1991 I started my studies at University of Stuttgart. My major subject was mathematics, which I have favored all my life, as minors I chose physics and computer sciences. I left the university 1998 with the master degree of science in mathematics, minor computer sciences and physics.
From the first day at university, I engaged myself in the Fachschaft Mathematik, which is a students council, that interfaces between professors and students. We organized information days for new students, parties, meetings and conferences. While at university, I had several jobs. I lead learning groups for younger students, programmed for Fraunhofer Institute and worked as assistant for a professor. In my last three years, I worked as UNIX and network system administrator in our UNIX workstation pool.

After working as independent developer for some while, I started working for American Management Systems in Düsseldorf. In the first two years I was part of a development project for a customer care and billing system first in Düsseldorf later in Denver.

In Denver I was Delivery Manager and controlled and arranged everything that was delivered to the client. At the same time I was part of the packaging team, which programmed tools to make it easier to install the software and that also packaged the software, delivered it to the client and verification tested it at client side.

Later I did project management (Euro conversion) and coordination at Debitel, configuration management for BSCS at E-Plus, Oracle programming at Debitel, and much other stuff. I've always learned to work with new software and I found and solved many problems.

In September 2004 I moved to Eschborn and started with Infosys Technologies. Here I was involved in Offshoring projects as the interface to the client and as project manager. In 2006 I also worked for some weeks in UK.

In December I took the rest of my vacation and went to Malaysia for some weeks.

In March I had quit my job and first went to the Emirates for one week. Then I stayed for 3 weeks in Brasil.

Since April 2007 I work for Convergys.

Whenever I am not working, I spend my time with traveling through the world. I have been to over 30 countries and enjoy meeting new people and new cultures.

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