My hobbies:

What is a hobby? Is it something that you like to do or something that you often do in your free time? It might be a mixture between both. On this page you can read about some of my hobbies.

  • Traveling: One of the things I enjoy most is traveling. To see foreign countries and to learn to know different cultures is the most interesting thing for me.
    So far I have been to Jamaica, Sri Lanka (Cylon), Thailand, Hongkong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Tunisia, New Zealand, nearly all parts of southern and middle Europe and Colorado (USA). I love warm and humid weather, beaches, sand, forests and lots of sun. When I travel, I explore a country via the people. It is more important to have good conversations than to see a lot.
    Pictures from some of my travels you can find on my pictures page.

  • Reading: Most of my free time I spend with reading, writing in newsgroups or emails. In the evening I sometimes chat with friends. My ICQ-numbers are: 107596880 and 136631653. Although I do not have much free time, I read about 1-5 books per week, dependant on my work load and free time. I am interested in a broad range of books. From classical literature to modern psychology, I am interested in nearly everything.

  • Board and computer games: I love to play a lot. It is great to meet with friends at home and play a whole Saturday afternoon and evening. The best game mathematicians play is Doppelkopf, which is a weird card game which is complicated to understand. A nice place in the internet to play games is

  • Relaxing: The more work I have, the more important it is to relax. The best places for this are my bed and my bath tub. Listening to some Oldies and enjoying the warmth are the best to calm down.
    Once I had decided to avoid using cars, as this is one of the most stressful things I could think of. Only if really needed, I used cars. As a consequence, I went to work by bicycle every day. Riding the bicycle is a great way to relax. Since 2 years I have a car which I need to get to work. This is the biggest stress factor I have.

  • Dancing: Dancing is another way of relaxing. Most I love tango, slow fox and quickstep, but I also do the other dances. When I was younger, I have learned belly dancing, flamenco, Brazilian samba and tap dancing.

  • Birthdays: The most important day of the year is my birthday at August 5th. For me, this is a special day, which my surrounding has to recognize. About one month before I start thinking about my age. I reflect over the way I live and what I have achived in the previous months. About every second or third year I invite to big party where I bring together all people that have been important to me in the last years.

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