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Sabine Halder
* 5.8.1971
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Ms. Halder has about than 20 years experience in information technology, including over 15 years in the telecommunications industry with large Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) Systems and their environments. Her experiences include a broad range of work from UNIX systems administration, configuration management, quality assurance, analysis, testing, technical architecture, design and implementation over onsite support, packaging and delivering to project management, coordination, estimation and outsourcing.

Ms. Halder is a highly motivated, proactive and flexible individual with outstanding analytical, technical and coordination skills.

Since 2013 Ms. Halder works independantly as a freelancing consultant.


04/1999-09/2004 American Management Systems later CGI (internal)
04/1999-09/2000 Tapestry, Customer care and Billing System development for Arcor; Düsseldorf
10/2000-04/2001 Tapestry, Enhanced development to make it a product, Denver
04/2001-01/2002 Euro conversion at Debitel, Stuttgart
02/2002-09/2002 Project coordination and project assistance at Debitel, Stuttgart
11/2002-12/2002 Systemtest at Arcor, Essen
02/2003-02/2004 Configuration and environment Management at E-Plus, Düsseldorf
03/2004-08/2004 Implementation of a number system and migration of customer data at Debitel, Stuttgart


Infosys Technologies Ltd. (internal)

09/2004-09/2005 Several smaller offshoring pilot projects at/for Arcor, Eschborn
10/2005- 09/2006 Outsourcing of the Customer Care and Billing systems of Arcor, Eschborn
11/2006-12/2006 Solution design tasks at OneIT, BT in Belfast and Colchester, UK


Convergys (internal)

05/2007-08/2007 Infinys RBM Migration tasks at leading German telecom customer, Darmstadt
08/2007-02/2008 Cut-Over planning and coordination at leading German telecom customer, Darmstadt
03/2008-10/2008 Customer team lead in a project at leading German telecom customer, Darmstadt
11/2008-06/2010 Deployment and Cut-Over planning in a project at a leading German telecom customer, Darmstadt
07/2010 - 05/2012 Sales support at Convergys. Project estimation and writing SOWs, answering RFPs and planning projects.

05/2012- 02/2013

Netcracker (internal)

05/2012 - 02/2013 Sales support at Netcracker. Project estimation and writing SOWs, answering RFPs and planning projects.

06/2013 - now

Freelancing Consultant - Halder-Consulting

09/2013 - 03/2014 Consulting Test Manager for Swissphone Systems.


Sales Support (07/2010-02/2013)

Ms Halder works closely with developers, Implementation consultants, project managers from all over the globe to answer RfPs. Her role was to collect all the IT input needed to estimate the overall effort of bigger Implementation projects. She answered RfPs and RfQs for OSS and BSS projects. She did all the work normally a PM does, at a time when no PM was assigned as the project was not won. This included writing the SOWs, answering the implemenation part of RfPs, defining the project specific methodology, deciding on timelines, milestones and dependencies, communicating to subcontractors, partners and primes. She does the project estimates and makes sure that all parties are back to back.

Presales (09/2004-09/2005)

At Infosys Ms. Halder was involved in pre-sales, project management and execution for small outsourcing projects in the Customer Care and Billing area.

She prepared offers, analysed requirements and wrote Pflichtenhefte (SOWs), High Level Designs and Detailed Designs.

Ms. Halder created test cases and reviewed test execution protocols. She estimated requirements and systems in function points.

Ms Halder controlled project executions and acted as the interface to the client.

Coordinator / Technical Project Manager (11/2008-06/2010)

At a leading German telecom customer, Ms Halder planed the deployment of a new billing system and putting a new billing chain into production with about 40 impacted systems, about 150 new or changed interfaces and about 40 million customers to be migrated in several phases.

Coordinator / Technical Project Manager (8/2007-2/2008)

At a German telecom customer, Ms Halder created the cut-over plan for the migration of 13,5 Mio customers into IRB. The plan included all communication with interfacing systems and the whole catch-over phase.

Project Manager
(09/2004 – 09/2006)

As part of the outsourcing project of the Customer Care and Billing system of Arcor, Ms. Halder currently manages several teams located in Essen, Eschborn and Pune, India which are responsible for Configuration Management, Development and Test environment setup / management and DBA activities. Ms. Halder was involved in all project set-up activities in those areas and could assure that those areas went into steady state as per milestone plan.

Project Manager/ Coordinator
(5/2001 – 10/2002)

Ms. Halder managed the Conversion project of all IT systems (connected to the billing system) to the Euro at Debitel, a large wireline and wireless Service Provider in Stuttgart. Besides knowledge transfer and coordinating all activities inside of the IT department the assignment included arrangements with marketing, accounting & selling, and the creation of project plans for the different migrations and tests.

At Debitel she also planned the change from the Sybase application server Jaguar to BEA Weblogic.

Team Lead (3/2008-10/2008)

At a German telecom customer, Ms Halder was team lead of a customer team which designed the future product data model of the future BSS world of the customer.

Migration Team Lead (5/2007-8/2008)

Ms. Halder worked on a German telco project, where the customer switched from Infranet to Infinys. Ms. Halder worked for 4 months as the interface to the customer on the migration team which implements and executes test migrations using the Infinys Migration Suite.

Consultant, Business Analyst (11/2006 – 12/2006)

Mrs. Halder worked at BT in UK on the design of an algorithm to classify accounts based on the billing behaviour of the customer.

Quality Manager

In preparation of the takeover of the data mastership of the customer database KISS (ORACLE) at Debitel, Ms. Halder was analyzing a customer database and the connecting systems for data quality; she implemented plausibility-checks and resolved inconsistencies in the synchronization..

Further on she debugged the database, the connecting APIs and transfer processes from the billing system to this database to solve quality issues.

Database design and implementation

At Debitel Ms. Halder designed and implemented a database system for consolidated data for the customer database KISS. This involved inventing a concept, high and low level design, programming of stored procedures in Oracle, documentation and presentation of the system.


Configuration Manager Activation systems

At E-Plus,  a mobile network operator in Düsseldorf, Ms. Halder configured the AktivPlus, TAS, DEAS, ZAS  and POS testing systems on Windows NT Frontend, NT-Server, MS SQL-Server, and Oracle.

Configuration Manager BSCS

At the same customer Ms. Halder was responsible for installing and maintaining testing systems for BSCS, Bestbilling and OPAL. This involved Oracle database administration, Unix shell scripting, documentation and tester support.

Business Development

Ms. Halder was involved in several business development activities such as proposal preparation for Customer Relationship Management Systems. In parallel to this, Ms. Halder became SUN certified Java Programmer.

Technical architect & business architect


Ms. Halder was involved in the first steps of the realization of the mobile number portability in Germany. She was a main designer of a new way to integrate the Mobile Number Portability process into the existing system world of Debitel.

Technical architect & business architect

Ms. Halder was highly involved in putting all needed information together and writing the RfP for a Next Generation Billing System (NGB) and its integrator for Debitel.  She planned the changes needed to be made in the systems world in preparation of the integration and migration of a NGB. While the evaluation process of the answers to the RfP and the presentations of the integrators Ms. Halder gained an overview on the functionality of several next generation billing systems.

Business analyst

Ms. Halder also was involved in several projects to restructure and integrate existing IT-Systems into a new structure with new technology and new more effective process structures.

Delivery Manager Tapestry

As the Tapestry Delivery Manager in Denver, Ms. Halder was responsible for coordinating all deliveries that went to the clients. She had to make sure, that delivery-dates that were confirmed to the clients could be kept by development, all deliverables were ready in time and that they were up to date, met the standards, she quality checked all deliverables, made sure that the correct software was delivered and that it was possible to fully install Tapestry from the delivered sources. Ms. Halder created delivery strategies and milestones, which she presented at delivery meetings she chaired and which all Tapestry managers attended to.

Tapestry Support Center

Besides being Tapestry Delivery Manager, Ms. Halder provided 2nd Level support for Tapestry. This means, that Ms. Halder was the first contact for clients that had problems with using or installing Tapestry.

As 4th Level Support for Tapestry Packaging and Delivery in Denver, Ms. Halder had to solve Packaging and Delivery problems directly when being called.

Configuration & Release Manager Tapestry

In several Teams as team member and deputy team leader for Tapestry, Ms. Halder did Configuration Management, which included managing PNs (Problem Notifications) QAPs (Quality Assurance Packages), compiling software on NT and UNIX using PVCS, creating Release Notes, and preparing the software for delivery and writing Release Notes. Another task was to process Hotfixes, which means to compile smaller changes into an existing build and identify and deliver only the changed software.

As Configuration Manager Ms. Halder has compiled and maintained C++ and Java code in several branches and releases at the same time, as well as supported developers with debugging the code.  She created and maintained perl and UNIX shell scripts.

Tester Tapestry(11/2002-12/2002)




Ms. Halder tested some new CCM batch functionality at client side, MCI/Arcor in Essen.

As a member of the Tapestry Production Delivery Team in Düsseldorf as well as of the Packaging and Delivery team in Denver, Ms. Halder initiated, taught and executed whole End-to-End system tests on a weekly basis.

Ms. Halder executed test cases for the Customer Care and Management Application of Tapestry. This involved detailed testing of client server applications in respect to technical and functional aspects.


In Düsseldorf as well as in Denver, Ms. Halder taught several new team members to use and program on UNIX and NT, to build software and to test it.


Design and Implementation for Fraunhofer Institute für Produktionstechnik and Automatisierung 1998/99

As an independent developer Ms. Halder designed, developed, implemented and documented software to calculate surfaces for forging moulds (Schmiedegesenkformen) for the “Fraunhofer Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung” in Stuttgart. The programming was realized in Matlab, which is vector-orientated software for mathematical and technical uses.

Design and Implementation University of Stuttgart 1997/98

Within her master thesis work at the "Institut für Computeranwendungen" (ICA) at Univ. Stuttgart, Ms. Halder designed, implemented and documented about 5000 lines of C-code into an existing code base called ug (unstructured grids). Her program calculates the Stokes equations (a class of partial differential equations) with a new iterative algorithm using a special multigrid method.

UNIX Systems Administration University of Stuttgart 1996-1998

Ms. Halder worked for about three years on a systems administrations team for a client/server network, consisting of 30 IBM-workstations used by about 400 students of University of Stuttgart.

Her assignment was to install the operating system & new software, maintain already installed software, to support the users with technical problems and to write documentation for her successors.

Teaching Assistant University of Stuttgart 1993-95

Ms. Halder was holding classes in Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry for students of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences, discussing mathematical problems, preparing for exams and correcting their homework.


Operating Systems:

UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, SUN, DEC), Linux (debian, SuSe, DLD), Mac-OS, Win-NT, Windows NT Server, Win 2000, Win 2003, Windows XP, DOS.


Oracle, SQL-Server

Programming Languages/Tools
(not used for some while):

C, Pascal, Modula 2, Matlab, UNIX (shell scripts, mainly ksh and bash), Perl, PL/SQL, HTML, LATEX, PVCS Configuration Builder and PVCS Version Manager, Java, NT-Resource-Kit, Orbix, C++, J2EE, Maple, TCL/TK, and XML, ODBC, WLS

Other Software:

Lotus Notes, MS Office Applications, MS Project, MS Visio, Toad, oratool, vi, putty, Exceed and Eclipse.

Billing Systems:

The list was removed as all the billing szstems were renamed several times in the past zears. The list would include a varitz of Billing szstems used bz the clients Ms. Halder worked fored or in the past.


Language Skills

German (native speaker), English (fluent), French (advanced basics).


- Member of Mensa in Deutschland.
- Elected member of Fakultätsrat Mathematik (Faculty council) (1995-1997)
- Fachschaft Mathematik (Student council) (1991-1998)



- Several courses in C, C++, afs, dfs, html, UNIX and Perl (1994-1998)
- Perl (January 2000)
- Systems Integration (August 2000)
- The art of effective communication (July 2001)
- Building High Value Relationships (September 2001)
- Project Management (April 2002)
- Effective Negotiations (May 2002)
- Business Ownership (September 2002)
- Introduction to Leadership (September 2002)
- Putting it all together (November 2002)
- Oracle Database Administration (July 2003)
- Project Management Technics (June 2004)
- Offshore project management (October 2004)
- Infinys Rating and Billing (April 2007)
- Infinys Migration Suite (October 2007)
- Managing projects/PMI class (September 2009)


SUN Certified Java Programmer (Jan 2003)
OSS/BSS Certification – Infosys Internal (Aug 2006)


Masters of Science in Mathematics (Diplom-Mathematikerin) at the University of Stuttgart/Germany; Minor Computer Sciences.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Sciences at the University of Stuttgart/Germany; Minor Physics.

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